Why we moved to JAMSTACK

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2 min readFeb 12, 2021


What is Jamstack and why you should care how your web dev company develops your apps and websites?

Jamstack is a frontend architecture (or stack) that stands for Javascript, APIs, and Markup. The markup that incorporates Javascript, is pre-built and served to a client from a CDN, and relies on a reusable API for all the functions. For example:


Dynamic functions of the website are handled by JavaScript. You can use any Javascript framework or library in your project.


Server side functions are transformed into reusable APIs and accessed over HTTPS with JavaScript. You can also use third party services or other custom functions.


The website is served to the client as static HTML files. These can be generated from the source file with a static site generator like Nuxtjs or Hugojs.

Standard website consist of two core parts: the frontend and backend, and they are combined in to one package where data from a database is requested from a server every time and the result is displayed to the user on the frontend. Jamstack is different from these architectures in that a site is pre-built into static assets before deployment, and these assets are distributed through a CDN.

Instead of using a traditional structure the JAMstack splits the frontend and backend. In fact, the core concept is to offload as much of the work from the server and on to the client. That results in a dramatic reduction of the amount of requests sent to a server, this eliminates a lot of the waiting time that comes with a server handling a request and sending it to the client.

Why we moved to Jamstack?

Monolithic web architecture has certain benefits but after 10 years of web development we learned that the downsides out weight the benefits by large margin. Here are some benefits to Jamstack we experienced:


Faster web/app performance serve pre-built markup and assets.

Enhanced security

You don’t need to worry about database vulnerabilities.

Low cost

Lower cost of production and maintenance Creating and deploying projects is faster and hosting of static files are much cheaper.

Better developer experience

Front end developers can focus on the front end, without being tied to a monolithic architecture. This means faster development and higher quality projects


Your project scales easily if you suddenly get high traffic on your website.

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